MAY 2018

in this last newsletter of the 2017/2018 Dranoff season, I would like to share with you a look back and a preview. But I also do not want to forget the now.

Let me begin with the now. The now is that, thanks to you, Dranoff 2 Piano is celebrating 32 years of championing the unique Art of Two: discover and present new 2 piano stars; commission new works at a high level; present live Classical performances to enrich and engage thousands of public school teenagers with their participation in the annual PIANO SLAM program.

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MARCH 2018

let me start with some exciting news:

At our next concert on April 5, we are premiering the latest Dranoff commission for two pianos, An American Dream by Jorge Mejia. It will take its place in Duo Bergman's journey through America's Classical Classics. Elizabeth and Marcel have developed this program to give tribute to great composers of north and south America. Jorge bridges that arc. Born in Colombia, he now lives in Miami. He is a Steinway Artist, and deeply interested in two piano music.

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This month, Dranoff is presenting two very different experiences, bookends in a way to the core of our mission - the artform of 2 piano music. 

February 4th, Superbowl Sunday,  almost 400 of us shared space, time and air with artists who brought us to tears and then to thunderous applause and three curtain calls. Please read below the comment made by Dr. Paul Posnak, eminent concert pianist and academic, about Duo Chipak Kushnir and the four wonderful singers, Brad Diamond,  James Bass, Amanda Crider and Sarah Brailey.  

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This is the last newsletter of 2017.  What a year it was!  I hope  you found respite in music, and that our concerts added to those moments of enjoyment. A huge "thank you" is due for your part in making 2017 excellent for the Dranoff and PIANO SLAM!

The Dranoff season was filled with engagements, partnerships and collaboration creating very different performances, each touching on a very specific chord (pun intended) of the 2 piano literature. 

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I am writing this from the country of John Fields and Robert Burnes, of Frank McCourt and Christy Brown, of people who overcome suffering with irrepressible joy - Ireland. My husband, friends and I spent our vacation in the southwest.  One evening, in a small pub, we were fortunate to be invited by a group of people to share songs, poems, dance and music in wonderful, extemporaneous performances. Everyone joined in,  including us foreigners who did not understand the words, but certainly understood their meaning. We felt so human, so connected!

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JULY 2017

For three decades, The Dranoff has been working to advance the art and artists of duo pianism. Through 12 international competitions, we have served as a career spring board for over 30 piano duos. We have commissioned 15 pieces of new music, including a concerto. We have created PIANO SLAM, a program that uses music - our music - to enhance learning and communication skills for teens.

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APRIL 2017

As board chair of the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation, I am very proud to share news about a multiyear evaluation of Dranoff's signature community program, Piano Slam, by the Banyan Research Institute at FIU, made possible through a grant by the Ware Foundation.
The Ware Foundation has been a longtime supporter of Piano Slam.

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MARCH 2017

In March we celebrate  International Women's Day.  If she were still alive, Loretta Dranoff, the woman who founded our organization, could serve as an ambassador for this celebration. Her passion and her inner light ignited so many people's lives!

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Here we are, celebrating the finalists of our annual Piano Slam poetry writing competition in a genre bending performance¬†that brings together Miami's poetic youth with the dancers of Augusto Soledad's Brazzdance troupe, the incredible piano chops of Bobby Mitchell and Ashley Hribar and the beats of DJ Brimstone 127.¬†BritWeek, with the support of The British Council, brings dub-poet Roger Robinson to be part of the ensemble. Directed by Teo Castellanos. Expect a great show. Expect to be moved. 

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In this new year our organization aspires to grow your interest in our programs.  I invite you to stay close, to come to more events and to bring more friends along.   We want to serve you with high level musicianship and original, exciting programming, and we want to introduce you to new ways of experiencing our art form. 

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